West Virginia


Protest at Jarrett Construction’s Office in Charleston, WV

The Partnership Development Department Stands Up For Workers’ Rights   On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, Local 33’s Partnership Development Department (formerly the Organizing Department) spent the day bannering and handbilling in front of Jarrett Construction’s office. Jarrett Construction continues to use Appalachian Heating of Beckley, WV to install the HVAC systems on its projects. The Partnership Development Department wanted to

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North Central WV District Annual Summer Family Picnic

Local 33 North Central WV District Thanks You For Your Service It’s that time of year! Local 33 North Central WV District handed out Membership Pins to its longest standing members. 50 Year Service Award Curt Kisner, Charles Miller, Thomas Slider, Vernon Lohr (not pictured) 25 Year Service Award Jim Jackson, Suzanne Morgan, James Hamrick (not pictured), David Clemons (not

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Moving forward after the election

He is no longer “Donald Trump.” Now people will be referring to him as “President-elect Donald Trump.” Whether you voted for him or not, whether you are happy with the outcome or not, for the good of our members, families and businesses, we have to hope he succeeds and does it in a professional way, because our livelihoods and our

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Change in Retirement Plan

A change has occurred the Sheet Metal Workers Local 33 Annuity Fund. Fund Trustees opted to change the default option to more accurately reflect the current demographics of Local 33. By doing their due diligence and looking at a demographic study, Trustees felt there were better options available to make it easier for members to better plan for retirement. Members

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West Virginia Devastated By Deadly Flooding

Parts of our Local have been devastated by deadly flooding, leaving thousands homeless in West Virginia. According to multiple media reports, West Virginia received one-quarter of its annual rainfall in a single day and multiple rivers surged to dangerous levels, including the Elk River, which broke a record at one stage that had stood since 1888. Now ranked as the

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WV HVAC and FLS License Information

The HVAC License will be required as of


Local 33 member files ethics complaint against Delegate in West Virginia

Earlier this week, we reported on a possible conflict of interest involved in the Republican push to repeal state regulations for HVAC technicians in West Virginia. Now that charge has reached the state government, as one member of Local 33 filed an official complaint with the Ethics Commission. Local 33 member Steve Hancock cited the questionable tactics of  Delegate Eric

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Message from Business Manager: Keep Up the Good Work in West Virginia

Even  if you do not reside in West Virginia, you should by now be familiar with the efforts of our Brothers and Sisters within Local 33 and other building and construction trades to halt recent attacks on working families by the state’s legislature. (See yesterday’s post, “Building trades members at the WV Capitol today to fight for prevailing wage,” for

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Building trades members at the WV Capitol today to fight for prevailing wage

Building trades members are out in full force today at the West Virginia State Capitol to rally against recent efforts to attack the rights of working families. This legislative session, Republicans have pushed bills to roll back safety and legal rights for workers and scale back prevailing wage laws that provide fair compensation and employment and training opportunities for the

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Conflict of Interest Does Exist in Attempted Repeal of Sheet Metal Bill in West Virginia

Following up from yesterday’s Government Affairs post – “Republicans Continue to Take Away Safety from Hardworking West Virginians” – one of the Republican lawmakers looking to repeal all state laws that regulate HVAC technicians seems to have a conflict of interest in the matter. Delegate Eric Householder, R-Berkeley, one of the most outspoken proponents of the appeal, owns an HVAC business

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