Advantages for Members

Becoming a member of Sheet Metal Workers Local 33 makes you part of a proud, highly trained group of individuals who look out for each other on and off the job.

The union bargains collectively for all its members – thereby providing a high standard of living, strong wages with regular increases, health care coverage and retirement benefits. Here are just some of the benefits of joining Local 33:

Quality Healthcare

Negotiating better deals for their members to provide value in quality healthcare.

Job Security

While there can be fluctuations in the industry that affect all sheet metal workers, union wages and benefits will always be guaranteed.


Opportunity to improve skills and abilities through union-sponsored instruction and training programs.


Rights are clearly listed in collective bargaining agreements.


Stronger voice in numbers as a cohesive group.

Workplace Safety

Workers have built-in mechanisms to monitor and even correct the work environment to ensure that health and safety concerns are addressed.

Interested in joining Local 33?

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