Local 33 Youngstown Retiree Club Showcase Dedication

Our Youngstown District Retiree Club recently created and dedicated a beautiful showcase that is featured at the Youngstown District Union Hall. Featured above, from left to right: George Kirally Jr., George Kirally Sr., Mike Yurchison, Joe Kirally, George Matyas (Front), Mike Lovrinoff (back), Ken Bailey, Scott Durr, Sam Durr Sr., Joe Romeo, Bill Kuebler, Larry McQuillan, Business Agent, Jesse Wright.

You can also view the original sketch, framework, copper work, and handmade door panel in the images below. Thank you to all of our Youngstown District Retirees, we appreciate your hard work and dedication!

1. Showcase Design

mike ken making copper gutter

22. IMG 3666 1551811604843 showcase nearing completion

26. 20191205 103320 showcase door panel

28. 20191205 112219 both kirallys w. door panel

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