North Central and Charleston Districts Spend The Day At Camp Mountain Heart

Members from North Central and Charleston Districts educate kids enrolled at Camp Mountain Heart’s weeklong camp. The presentation on SMART Local 33 apprenticeship programs aims to inform future generations of what Local 33 apprenticeship programs are and how apprentices can make a living out of the craft. Devoting time and resources to educating the youth is a regular occasion for

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Toledo District apprentices bring heat to Boxing Club

Children who attend a Toledo inner city after-school program will stay warm this winter thanks to a group of Toledo District apprentices. Roughly, a dozen third-year apprentices spent an estimated 250 man-hours to install a furnace, put up ductwork and fix the air conditioner in the building of Soul City Boxing Club, a non-profit serving the area’s youth. The Club

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Feb Article Says Students Should Consider The “Other Four-Year Degree”

A January article discusses the advantages of apprenticeships and other vocational educations over bachelor’s degrees. The article, written by Nicholas Wyman, points out that roughly 13 million Americans with college degrees are unemployed and countless more are either underemployed or have given up trying to find a job. For those who go the vocational route, there are plenty of

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