Message from Business Manager: Keep Up the Good Work in West Virginia

Even  if you do not reside in West Virginia, you should by now be familiar with the efforts of our Brothers and Sisters within Local 33 and other building and construction trades to halt recent attacks on working families by the state’s legislature. (See yesterday’s post, “Building trades members at the WV Capitol today to fight for prevailing wage,” for one example.)

Today, Local 33 Business Manager Mike Coleman has a message for these hardworking men and women:

 “I would like to thank the staff of Local 33 and all of the members who have helped with our efforts in West Virginia. You guys are doing a great job and we are all grateful for your efforts!  The legislative session is coming to end in West Virginia very soon, so keep up the good work, and you guys will continue to have every asset possible at your disposal as you continue this great fight.”



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