Local Union 33 Vermilion Celebrates Outstanding Members and Years of Hard Work This Christmas Season

Celebrating another season and year of hard work, Vermilion members gathered this holiday season at the Vermilion Hall on Thursday, December 19. Of approximately 100 members in attendance, many received pin awards for their dedication and loyalty to Local Union 33 throughout the years.


2019 15 year

15-year Pin Awards

Mike Rozic, Business Agent Dave Larson, Richard (Ted) Meilander, and Business Manager Tim Miller

Not pictured: Brad Dorflinger, Louis Berger, and William Kirkpatrick


25-year Pin Awards

Business Manager Tim Miller, Tom Harstine, and Business Agent Dave Larson

Not pictured: Charles Luffler and Bryan Lippus

2019 25 year


50-year Pin Awards

Business Manager Tim Miller, Business Agent Dave Larson, Michael Mazur, and James Shriver

Not pictured: James Snell

2019 50 year

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