Courtad, Inc. Placed on Ohio’s Debarred Contractor List

[h4]Must pay $53,082.84[/h4]

Recently, the Ohio Supreme Court declined jurisdiction in a case the Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 33 (“Local 33”) brought against Courtad, Inc. By declining jurisdiction, the Ohio Supreme Court effectively affirmed the 2014 decision of the Stark County Court of Common Pleas (the “Court”) that Courtad, Inc. is an intentional violator of Ohio’s Prevailing Wage Laws.

Specifically, the Court determined Courtad, Inc. intentionally violated the prevailing wage by failing to pay its employees the prevailing wage rate at the time the work was performed and by improperly taking credit for various “fringe benefits.” Since Courtad, Inc. has been deemed an intentional violator of the law, it has been placed on the Ohio Secretary of State’s Debarred Contractor List. This means Courtad, Inc. cannot work on any prevailing wage projects in the State of Ohio for a period of one year.

Additionally, Courtad, Inc. is required to pay over $5,000 to its employees in restitution, over $9,000 to the Ohio Department of Commerce as a penalty for its violations, and over $38,000 to Local 33 to reimburse Local 33 for attorney fees it incurred in pursuing the case against Courtad, Inc.

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